How much does a wheel repair cost?

Retail price depends on many factors but will usually be around $120.00 for painted wheels. Specialist paints such as shadow chrome usually range from $220-$300. Machined face, and polished wheels usually range from $120-$350. Structural repairs such as cracks and buckles need to be priced on an individual basis.
The least we have charged is $60.00 (touch up only) but we have charged $850.00 for one Ferrari wheel. (In this case, the replacement cost for the wheel was over $5000.00 so it was a bargain for our customer.) We always agree on the price before any work is undertaken.

What factors affect repair cost?

Labor is the biggest factor and is dependent on:
  • Extent of damage to the wheel
  • Type, size and style of wheel
  • Number of wheels to be repaired at the same time

What payment options do you have?

Payment is required at the completion of the job. We accept eft-pos, Visa, MasterCard and cash.

How long do repairs take?

One of the main benefits of our service is that you are not without your car for days. Depending on the type and extent of damage, you can expect to have a couple of wheels repaired before lunch while you are at work or at home. If all four need repairing, you will still be able to drive home after work.

What do I need to do?

Nothing, simply phone us on 0418-34 34 82 for a quality job. And pay us when we’ve put your renewed wheels back on.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. We will redo your wheel at no extra cost if you are not completely satisfied with the finished result. This guarantee does not cover later damage to wheels resulting from events outside our control - eg, improper care, lack of maintenance, accidents, stone chips, driver error, use of incorrect cleaners etc.

What can I do to look after my wheels?

Keep your wheels clean. Use soap and water only. Never use acidic cleaners. Stay away from curbs or other raised obstacles and potholes.

Where can you repair wheels?

Almost anywhere but mostly in office car parks and at people’s homes. We need a parking space for our van and access to power.

Does cold or wet weather matter to your repair?

No, we work in a fully enclosed mobile workshop. And we use fast-drying paint and clear cote which we bake with our infra red system for rapid drying.

Will my wheels be like new?

Yes, sometimes we can even improve on the factory finish.

Why do you remove the wheel?

We believe in quality repairs and not a quick cosmetic cover-up. (Cheap repairs never last long and can look terrible in just a few months). To successfully complete a quality repair the wheel must be removed so that the tyre can be dislodged to enable machining and preparation of the wheel and then importantly, it can be painted in an enclosed area. In some cases where people have repaired wheels still on the vehicle, we have seen spray paint cover the brakes and steering components of the car.

Why do you dislodge the tyre from the rim?

We don’t take shortcuts. We renew the whole wheel and without dislodging the tyre there is a small part of the wheel that cannot be successfully repaired and repainted. We seal the whole face of the wheel with an even coat of fast drying lacquer that goes right over the rim.

Will I need to re balance my wheels?

Not usually. However, if the wheel requires extensive machining, eg straightening, or is chemically stripped, the tyre will need to be removed and refitted and then rebalanced. We do all this for you.

Do you repair wheels on Ute's and four wheel drives?

Yes. We repair all alloy and mag wheels for all makes and models of vehicles.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. We have specialist insurance for motor trades and public liability insurance.

What makes you different from other wheel repair companies?

Our commitment to quality workmanship and customer focus makes us second to none. We have the most extensively equipped mobile wheel repair unit operating in Melbourne metro area. This unit is purpose built with a fully enclosed spray area and paint baking facility and is equipped with the exclusive patented Wheel Doctor machinery. This enables us to undertake most repairs on site and importantly, on the same day. (This does not always mean the day you call us.)

Can you do shadow chrome?

Yes, Shadow chrome is our specialty. We can also change the colour of your wheels to any colour of your choice.

Please Note:

We do not re-chrome alloy wheels, this process in currently not available in Australia.