Alloy wheels, in their original new condition may produce admiring glances. Unfortunately, the curb damage they all too easily sustain soon spoils this.

The solutions offered by traditional repair methods are not only costly, but also very time consuming. It is not uncommon for traditional repairs to take up to 2 weeks.

Thankfully, times have changed. 

Now, not only is it possible for our Mobile alloy rim repair technicians to professionally refurbish painted alloy rims, but also, using the latest technology, their expertise extends to the refurbishment of machined and polished alloys for 'high-end' marques such as PORSCHE, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW and AUDI, to name a few.

Now there is a solution!

We specialize in repairs, to all alloy wheels, regardless of make and model. We can bring them back to life, so they look just as they did the day they rolled off the production line - in some cases, even better than that! Our service is mobile, low cost and can operate on your door step. Our alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service Wheel help get your car looking its best again!

Wheel Fix It Alloy Wheel Repairs is a mobile alloy wheel repairing service, we are found in and around  Melbourne metro area, we repair Scratches, Gutter Scrapes, Curb Damage, Chipped Paint, Chipped Alloy, Pot Hole Damage and Cracks, we also do recolouring and we Specialise in SHADOW CHROME and HYPER SILVER colours, and dont forget WHEEL come to you!



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Selling Your Car?

Your car looks great, you've washed, detailed and polished it in the hope of attracting a potential buyer. Don't let those gutter scraped and damaged alloy wheels reduce the resale value of your vehicle.

Our best customers are
Used Car Dealerships, Lease and rental company's, who don't leave anything to chance.

Let us help you to ensure your car is in perfect condition to maximise its resale value. Wheel Fix It Alloy Wheel Repairs can bring your wheels back to their original condition. Our service is mobile, low cost and can operate on your door step. With our wheel repair and refurbishment service, Wheel help get your car looking its best again!

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